A documentary about the tallest large exterior installation to date in Lima, Peru made by HENSE. Measuring 137 feet tall and 170 feet wide. The project was organized by Morbo Gallery and funded by the ISIL Institute in Miraflores, Lima. HENSE: hensethename.com After a month of working, HENSE, his head assistant Taylor Means and a crew of 10 professional painters used over 200 gallons of exterior latex paint and a small amount of aerosol to complete the work. HENSE work is purely abstract and non representational. Inspired by the architecture and context of the structure. In this case he wanted to use very bright colors that would pop against the sky and next to other near by architecture in Lima. 
This piece has many layers in it. some of which we covered completely. Special thanks to: Jules Bay, Taylor Means, Morbo Gallery, ISIL Institute, Luar Zeid, Panorama, Angel, Paul, Pedro, Alex, Miguel, Jaime, Mayo, William, Christian Rinke, Gino Moreno, Os Villavicencio, Carlos Benvenuto, Candice House, Elard Robles. For all the hard work and making this project come to fruition.
A film by : ZEID FILMS & NAUSEA www.nausea.pe Sponsored by ISIL www.isil.pe powered by MORBO www.facebook.com/galeriamorbo Executive producer: Luar Zeid Producer: Jules Bay Directed by NAUSEA Cinematographers: Os Villavicencio, Elard Robles and Christian Rinke. Editor & Postproducer: Gino Moreno Music: 1. Planet love sound / Produced at 1976 studios for the video SEMIPERMANENT on vimeo 2. Boards of Canada : A Moment of Clarity, Heard from Telegraph Lines, You could feel the sky, Ataronchronon 3. Pretty Lights : So Bright, 2-01 reel 15 break 5 4. Go-qualia - Requiem. - 2014 -
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